HC 100

ControlArt Tropical Cabinet HC 100

The cabinet is developed and designed as the original Volvo Tropical Cabinet to conform the test standards from Volvo Group, STD 423-0018 and Volvo Car, VCS 1027,33759. It is essential for these tests that the cabinet design is kept to the original format and type of materials etcetera.

It is also possible to perform the different test in the ISO 6270-2 standard although the CH, constant temperature, and AT, fully condensation with temperature change, is possible to perform fully automatic but the AHT, changing condensation and temperature, can be performed semi-automatic. This means for the AHT cycle the the door periodically opened.

ControlArt, have experience from both developing the tropical test with fully automatic control and refilling the cabinet with fresh water periodically and automatically in order to avoid salt and dirt accumulations.

Our HC 100 equipment has been further developed from the original tropical cabinet.

To summarize, our equipment has;

Fully automated control system following the latest trends in industrial automation meaning PLC with data storage and touch screen interface.
You can run the test equipment without external PC-computer.

With a connected PC-computer and windows software developed by ControlArt it is possible to add more test cycle standards freely. You can also monitor the equipment in parallel with the touch screen with the equipment. You can get either text reports or excel reports of historical running data and get diagnostic files as well. The reporting and diagnostic data as well as upgrading the software on the machine can be made via an USB connection of the equipment as well.

In the equipment you can easily fill and refill or both the water level manually or programmatically.

An automated function to keep the level without disturbing the running performance is included.

A watchdog with allowed entrance to the equipment for changing samples etc. Here is heating shut off during opening to prevail the curve at its best.